Burials & Cremations

When a loved one has passed away leaving no funeral wishes, their family must make the decision between a burial and a cremation. We can discuss this further with you and make sure you are clear on the associated costs of both, below are some important points to remember

  • There are two options available for a cremation; the more traditional option with a service taken in chapel to remember and celebrate the life of the person who has died. However, ‘direct cremations’ are becoming increasingly popular. A direct cremation means your loved one is taken to the crematorium by the funeral director with no service or family in attendance, this means you can choose to have a service or celebration later if you choose.
  • A cremation is often the cheaper option, although it’s important to remember that after a cremation has taken place you will be left with a set of ashes. There are lots of options available regarding last memorials or the scattering of ashes, which we would be happy to discuss with you further.
  • If you are planning a traditional burial, it is important to consider the grave rights. Plots from local councils are often leased to you for a set number of years (min 10 years – max 100 years) for a set fee. We can offer more guidance on this if necessary.

Options for Ashes

There are lots of options available for what to do with ashes after a cremation. A few examples are listed below, we are available to discuss these with you and understand any associated costs which may be applicable.

  • Lots of families chose to scatter a loved ones ashes in their favourite place or most local authorities have a memorial garden where you can scatter ashes.
  • There are several options to have a lasting memorial where ashes can be interred into the ground, similar to a burial.
  • It’s also becoming more popular to have a bespoke piece of jewellery made to hold a small amount of ashes
  • Some more elaborate choices could be to have ashes placed in fireworks to display.

The choice is yours; we have a wide range of urns to suit all tributes.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just some reasons why you should choose Beech Funeral Services

people lighting candles on grave

Clear Pricing

At Beech Funeral Services one of our core commitments is to list all of our prices clearly, so together we can arrange the send-off you desire for your loved one.

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24-Hour Support

We are always available and offer 24-hour support with no compromise on our services. At Beech Funeral Services we are available for support or guidance whenever you need us.

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Respecting Dignity

Dignity and respect always; no matter the cost of your funeral, at Beech Funeral Services our commitment to you and your loved one is always the same.

We are so grateful for the compassion and care provided by Beech Funeral Services to our family at such a difficult time. Gary and Terrie deserve a massive thank you and we cannot praise you enough for your compassion and care which made our saddest of moments a little more bearable. Our family and friends are overwhelmingly grateful for your proper care and attention to detail.

Peter and June

Thank you Beech Funeral Services for the highest service we could have expected. Gary and Steve at Hornsea offered help regarding some special needs that other funeral directors in the Hornsea area couldn’t provide and we would definitely recommend your funeral services to all of our friends and family.  Again – a huge thank you so much to Beech Funeral Directors.